The answer is written all over your face

The answer is written all over your face

The first step is to prevent touts from buying tickets and we do this using PULSE - an app-based identity check that uses facial recognition to verify that a real person is interacting with your sales outlet. Tickets are managed through our central hub and can only be transferred or resold under controlled conditions. A second facial recognition check is performed at the event to allow access to ticket details, ensuring that only the right person gains entry.


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PULSE - The human interaction verification process

  • 1)
    Users create a Piktical account through their mobile device. The account creation process requires them to register a facial self-portrait, or ‘selfie’.
  • 2)
    A website prompts the user to enter their Piktical account name and a one-time-password.
  • 3)
    The user opens the app and asks for a one-time-password. In order to obtain the password, they must verify their biometric details via a facial recognition test.
  • 4)
    The user enters the one-time-password into the website along with their Piktical username.
  • 5)
    The website verifies the combination of the username and one-time password with Piktical’s servers.
  • 6)
    When the user buys the tickets, the tickets will only be delivered to the user’s verified Piktical account.

An independent, digital ticket hub

Piktical provides an independent, digital ticket hub where tickets are delivered, stored and centrally managed. Tickets are purchased through primary ticket agencies and then delivered to the purchaser’s Piktical account in digital form. Event organisers can specify authorised secondary ticket agencies to resell tickets for their events who are able to communicate with Piktical’s servers to verify ticket details and to inform Piktical when a ticket has been resold and who it has been resold to (exclusively Piktical account holders). Tickets remain under Piktical’s control for the remainder of their lifecycle, unless refunded or cancelled.

Preventing unauthorised use

In order to access a ticket in a user’s Piktical account, someone would need to unlock the ticket on their mobile device by successfully going through facial recognition. To prevent touts from unlocking tickets on their account and taking screenshots of the tickets to pass to buyers, we may implement several control measures.


  • Preventing tickets from being unlocked in advance of the event.
  • Using geo-fencing to check that the user’s device is in the appropriate location before allowing the ticket to be unlocked.
  • Using rolling ticket ID’s that change every few seconds.
  • Adding moving features to the displayed ticket that cannot be replicated on a screenshot.
  • Including the user’s photo on the ticket details.
  • Automatically locking the ticket again after a short time, requiring the user to re-authenticate.


For situations where users do not have smartphones or where their smartphone has become inoperable (such as the battery running out, or the screen being cracked), Piktical has an Access Control App that can be used by event security as an alternative.

Providing information and opportunities

The traditional ticket sales process simply doesn’t allow event organisers to know enough about the people attending their events. The opportunity to know your audience provides clear commercial benefits and illustrates how Piktical adds a whole new dimension to your sales funnel compared to current offerings.


  • Access customer information in one place, even when using multiple ticket sellers.
  • Gather information to optimise future event promotion / audience retention.
  • Gather information on all ticket holders in multiple ticket transactions, not just the purchaser.
  • Gather information on new ticket holders following authorised transfers / resale.
  • Calculate unique and returning visitors to inform ad campaign / customer retention performance.
  • Optimise the benefits of beacon technology by ensuring a ‘plugged in’ audience, ready to hear your real-time event messaging via the Piktical app.