A fair and affordable solution

A fair and affordable solution

We have worked hard to create a solution that works to the benefit of all parties, in terms of both features and cost. Technically speaking, our system will blend seamlessly with your current processes. Ticket sellers upload ticket sales into our system with a convenient and lightweight REST-based interface, allowing straightforward and secure Piktical app integration. Our solution provides real, workable answers to issues that are current, global and high value - the real question is ‘what will it cost me if I DON’T use Piktical?’


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Ticket sellers

We provide you with an easy-to-integrate digital hub that greatly enhances the attraction of your offering to event organisers. Our main relationship is with you, as you are the ones sending us the tickets and, therefore, with whom we are in contract. We simply charge you a nominal ‘per ticket’ commission.

Event organisers

We provide a service that allows you to regain control of your tickets in a way that is not currently possible with any other system on the market. It also provides the ability to gather more detailed and reliable information about your customers for commercial benefit. Your chosen seller(s) may (or may not) pass on our nominal ‘per ticket’ costs as part of their proposed service package. Additionally, our data services give you access to comprehensive information about your customers, and insights into sales performance – all in one place, no matter who sells your tickets.


In order to drive adoption, we intend to operate a ‘freemium’ model where basic features are free to use for consumers. Advanced chargeable features may include additional features, reduced advertising and access to event pre-sales. Please visit the Consumer Adoption page for more information on how we intend to get your customers on board with Piktical.