Are you as mobile as your customers?

Are you as mobile as your customers?

According to some sources, more than half the world now uses a smartphone. It's time for event organisers to harness the power of mobile and deliver tickets instantly to fans and keep up with the way they live their lives. In order to drive adoption, we intend to operate a ‘freemium’ model where basic features are free to use for consumers. Advanced chargeable features may include additional features, reduced advertising and access to event pre-sales. Most importantly, the Piktical system provides tangible benefits to the consumer.


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Make yourself convenient

In today’s world, people are used to being able to access almost everything from their smartphone. Fans will not only expect but will also embrace the convenience of accessing tickets on their mobile device, especially within our tout-beating system that ensures fair ticket availability and pricing. Tickets are secure and completely accessible - even if the attendee’s mobile device is lost or broken, or has been left at home by mistake.

Reward loyalty

By using Piktical for tickets, fans will be able to prove their loyalty to a particular artist or event. We envisage future Piktical functionality allowing fans to register for updates from the artists that interest them, and the artists and/or event organisers could send out exclusive communications to fans who they are sure attended a gig because they used Piktical, maximising audience retention.

Ensure peace of Mind

Because tickets are digital and delivered directly into a user’s Piktical account, they can potentially appear in a user’s account as soon as they have purchased them - i.e. no more waiting until two weeks before the gig and running the risk of non-delivery. When buying tickets on the resale market, Piktical users will be able to check that a ticket is valid through our system before they buy. This will help to make the resale process less stressful and help eliminate fraudulent tickets.

Grant exclusive Access

With the cooperation of event organisers, we aim to provide exclusive benefits to Piktical account holders, such as access to pre-sales and competitions. Such features will complement the organisers’ own event marketing, enhancing and strengthening the sales funnel that continually leads consumers back to source.